How The Father’s Love Invites Us To Risk


This is one of my favorite photos. My dad is holding me so I don’t get eaten by a herd of hungry goats and deer. 

The past few days I’ve been wrestling with the next steps for our Freedom Creatives ministry. I’ve been over here on the edge of my seat, wondering what that looks like for our family as we dream into stuff.

Hot-surfer husband and I have been processing through a lot, feeling change a-brewin’ with a move but not getting much dets from the good Lord above.

All I feel the Lord saying is….

“Will you risk everything for me?”

Sure, 3 year-old Jenny thought this petting zoo looked like a good idea. But how quickly things changed.

The unknown is risky, full of “what ifs” and new things to navigate.... like goats.

Was I scared?

Was I safe?

Am I scared now?

Do we risk anyways?

Maybe for you it’s a new creative endeavor, spending money renovating the house hoping it’ll sell, walking through a hard diagnosis or loving a friend who’s in the thick of hard stuff.

I’m reminded of the story in the Bible where Peter’s faith was bigger than his fear. He took a radical risk and got out of the boat and walked on water.

Did he eventually sink?
Yes. BUT JESUS lifted him up.

You may feel scared to step into an unknown situation. That’s okay.

The bigger question is...
Is your trust in God greater than the fear?

The strategic love of a Father invites us to step out and risk because he knows there’s good in it.

I love this photo because it reminds me of the strategic love of a Father that invites us to step out and risk because he knows there's good in it.

Just like our Heavenly Father:

• His love protects,
• and empowers us to walk TOGETHER through a herd of hungry goats (and other stuff too).
• and perhaps once the fear subsides, you’ll find yourself having fun in the adventure.

Creative Ninja, how about you?

How is God inviting you to take a risk?