PreachersNSneakers | It get’s sketchy when you aren’t wearing $45 Sketchers

At 18 I sat in a crowded stadium hungry for revival. Angelic music flooded the loud speakers and a Preacher appeared in all white. I swear it was as if he floated into the stadium as wind was blowing his hair and clothes. It was as if this holy moment was super…. horrible. It was like he was trying to be God, which to this day makes me want to silly string his outfit and let him know he doesn’t have to prove himself with all the nonsense.

This man and his team were crafting an experience for the crowd, and it started at his over the top entrance. The vibe that I felt back then, isn’t what I’m feeling now with this whole celeb preacher and sneaker thing.

PreachersNSneakers is a new instagram account that puts Christian preachers on blast for spending their dollar-dolla bills on their sneaks.

Let’s pause for a hot second and point the finger at ourselves for being obsessed and focused on all the wrong things, rather than the right ones. There’s always been spheres of influence where people are put on a pedestal. Apparently it get’s sketchy when they aren’t wearing $45 Sketchers.

I have so many thoughts. But let’s focus on a few…

  1. You don’t have an all access pass to these Preachers’ tithing records and I’m pretty sure you don’t see how they utilize their time and resources. You catch a curated glance on their Instagram account and shame them and those flashy sneakers. The people being featured on the PreachersNSneakers feed are considered at the top of their field. One would hope they’re being compensated for being the “best in the business.”. Let’s let the Lord deal with them about how they spend their money.

  2. Having worked in the entertainment industry and with influential people, I caught a first hand glance at how hard it is to be in the public eye. EVERYTHING is under scrutiny. I’ve had to help draft press letters for some of the best and blacked out footage of innocent jokes that may be pulled out of context. These are things that would break careers. Full time ministry is a hard job. Let’s not add extra drama to their list of things to figure out how to navigate through. How about we honor them for preaching about Christ and creating content that we may connect to.

  3. On the platform you should look presentable. If people are looking at me while I teach for 30-45 minutes, I’ll at least try to pull myself together. Does that make me buy $980 sneakers? Well no, but I don’t consider fashion fun. Sounds like you’ll get judged for fancy clothes and frowned upon for crusty clothes. Why don’t we stop idolizing the platform and make a promise to care more about Christ than clothes. That’ll preach.

  4. I’m on the edge of my seat for HolyNHeels where women preaching in stilettos will gain some attention. Seriously, where the ladies at? If you’re going to rat out Pastors for spending an insane amount of money on sneakers, can you include more than one woman in the mix? Let the ladies stand on that platform with their billion dollar things too.

  5. I get why this account was created and actually think it’s pretty clever and created a great discussion. It’s bringing awareness to this whole “celeb Christian” culture we’ve created. It may even challenge the Preachers to think how they spend their dollars. But the bigger question I’m left with is why you got to shame the sneaker game? Putting them on public blast is bringing mainstream awareness to the Church and giving those with Church wounds even more issues to not enter the doors. The account may even shame people into a false repentance. These leaders already have to navigate being in the public eye, leading a ministry, and now they have to spend time figuring out how to write a rebuttal to your sneaker shame. Don’t you trust these leaders built their church with elders and other leadership who can call them out? It’s not your place and you’re causing division, PreachersNSneakers Instagram man.

Stop making their fashion a distraction.

All I care about is that those in ministry point people to Christ. This instagram account may seem fun, but I think it’s causing more harm than being helpful. Until these Preachers start arriving in all white while riding holy horses, stop Sketchin’ around. Stop throwin’ shade in their fancy sneaker parade.