2009 Emmy Award for Online Editing

Best Instructional Series, Chemistry Episodes, COAST LEARNING SYSTEMS / PBS

2009 Gold Ava Awards for Online Editing

“Ionic Compounds: Opposites Do Attract!” COAST LEARNING SYSTEMS / PBS

2009 Platinum Ava Awards for Online Editing

“The Cardiovascular System” COAST LEARNING SYSTEMS / PBS

2004 PEGASYS Award

"Ultimate Utopia” Series Finale, Local Time Warner Cable award in the Religion/Philosophy category – Tompkins County, NY


I Love You, Man DVD  (Paramount)

The “The Making of I Love You, Man” featurette (17 minutes, 25 seconds) manages to sidestep the standard “making of” traps by having fun with the concept, joking around here as much as the participants did in the commentary. The cast and crew playfully teases each other, and they look at the filming of some of the more outrageous scenes, such as showing us how the projectile vomiting was achieved.

Jamie S. Rich with DVD Talk

The Making of I Love You, Man: Rudd and Segel go into the mechanics of man-dates and proper one on one guy behavior. Segel and Favs are so damn hilarious that you can see director John Hamburg laughing his ass off behind the camera as he shoots some of the scenes… This flick is a little of everything, with a good heart, a strong theme of friendship and lots of laughs. You can’t lose.

J.A. Hamilton with DVD Clinic

Family Ties: The Second Season DVD (Paramount)

“The Year of the Beard” (2:45), in which Michael Gross and his castmates talk about Steven’s trademark look and how it came to be at the start of the second season. It is, without doubt, the best facial hair featurette I’ve encountered on a DVD.

–Luke Bonanno with Disney DVDizzy

The Pride of the Yankees Collector’s Edition DVD  (MGM)

All of the featurettes are short, but they manage to cover a lot of ground. An unexpected pleasure is “Always–The Story Behind the Song.” One of the main songs in this, which signifies the Gehrig’s love, is the Irving Berlin song “Always,” which we learn was Mrs. Gehrig’s favorite song, and one she requested for the film.

–James Plath with

X-Men: The Last Stand DVD (Fox)

Clothing vs. Costume (4:11) talks about, well, the fashion… The extras explain every detail of the movie, showing you how everything was done. If you’re a fan of the movie, this is a must to have, and if you’re a fan of the trilogy, it’s still worth it.

–Pat Pilon with World Wide DVD

Bee Movie DVD (DreamWorks)

Also included as part of the extras, are clever and educational fact nuggets about bees and their lives. The viewer can learn about different breeds of the insect, by selecting the Ow-Meter, an option which rates the different levels of pain one can receive from various species’ sting. Also, tips on how to avoid being stung, a history of honey-based products, and interactive activities for the little ones. An acceptable addition to any family library, Bee Movie is sure to provide plenty of chuckles for all.

–Dominic Messier with

Madagascar Escape 2 Africa DVD (DreamWorks)

African Adventure (7:16): A feature about the filmmakers in pre-production traveling to the real Africa (apparently it’s an actual place). They discuss how the trip affected their filmmaking and how they modeled the film off of what they saw and learned. Consider me jealous.

-Aaron Horwitz with DVD Clinic

Beverly Hills, 90210 Season 3 DVD  (Paramount)

“The World According To Nat” features a rather warm and engaging interview with cast member Joe E. Tata, who played Nat, the owner of 90210’s hangout diner, The Peach Pit.

-Rocco Passafuime with

Disaster Movie DVD  (Lionsgate)

“Straight from the Ladies” has in-character interviews with Parker and Flanagan as their on-screen counterparts. These woman are far more funny and interesting than the “hot” women in the film, and they get far too little credit for their efforts….As a whole, the extras are actually more entertaining than anything in the film.

-Cindy White with IGN Entertainment