Hi, I’m Jenny Randle.

I have a love for making stuff, and together with my husband Matt, we founded a digital marketing agency, Yellow Chair Creatives. In early 2018, we also formed Freedom Creatives, an organization dedicated to empowering creatives in the art of living a transformational life found in Christ. We live in Upstate New York with our two young kids and have a deep love for strawberry gummies and spontantous dance parties.

As a speaker, author and creative ninja, I believe deeply in the power of story. At the age of 18, I encountered the greatest love story ever told, the Gospel. The prayer that followed was simple: “Use me to make an impact for you.”

Since that prayer, I have worked as a video editor on billion dollar franchises in the heart of Hollywood. In 2009, I was recognized with one of the highest honors in the entertainment industry — an Emmy Award. Over 14-plus years, I've used my graphic design, editing, art directing and leadership ninja skills to collaborate with some of the biggest studios, companies and ministries around the nation.

More than 70 films, 60 books, 55 churches and two radio and TV stations have featured my media and voice. A voice that carried this fancy radio name - “Jumpin' Jenny”. Super original, I know.

As a creative ninja, over a decade ago I found myself living in this performance mentality zone, riddled with anxiousness and comparison. God broke the chains of inadequacy, taught me about my identity in Him and brought me such freedom. In this space of freedom, God has equipped me to challenge others to CREATE AND DREAM COURAGEOUSLY again.

I love collaborating and being in community with other creatives. Some of these creatives are in the chapter of their story similar to where I was, wounded or procrastinating because of fear. Others are in their act 3 dreaming and creating things that influence our culture for Christ. The one thing we all have in common is a passion for taking the message on our heart and making it SHINE, often times to glorify Him - the Ultimate Creator.

And now, here we are creative ninja. Whatever chapter of the story you are in, I’m glad you landed here.

My heart for this website is that we dig into Biblical truths together, high-five one another during our failures and celebrate those BIG wins! May we be people who champion one another to live courageously in Christ. I believe whole-heartedly that we are called to be influencers for Him. So let’s start creating, crafting, writing, making #allthethings and trust Holy Spirit to speak into our process and fuel our passions.

Happy Creating, you're designed for it...