Called Series: awakening you to dream BIG with God and answer the call

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Called Series: awakening you to dream BIG with God and answer the call

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This two-part audio series and guidebook is designed to awaken those God-sized dreams into reality.

Get the Biblical framework you need for a nice kick in the gut to get out of that "what the heck is my purpose in life?" rut.  As Believers, we have a job to do. We're called to be the hands and feet of Jesus on this Earth. You have talents, abilities and a unique personality that SHINES BRIGHT FOR HIM. Culture wars should be no-more as you step in your call and influence others for Christ.

It's time to ditch the doubt, inadequacies, and dismantle the insecurities. It's time to prayerfully figure out what you're called to do in this season. 

Let's align our steps with God's and make it happen! 

The CALLED series will help you answer the question "What do I do next?" and empower you to carry a Kingdom mindset. 

Take your time and do a deep dive into this series. It's packed with over an hour of audio teachings and comes with an accompanying guidebook. Listen on in as Jenny Randle shares her personal story of ignoring a dream for ten years... and then commit to NOT making the same mistake. More importantly, you'll learn about Moses as you study Exodus 3 & 4. In his God assignment, he protested five times and felt unqualified for the call.

Take it from Jenny and Mo., ditch the excuses and GO! Are you ready to answer God’s call? 

Resource Includes:

  • Called Part 1: Will You Answer (audio mp3)

  • Called Part 2: Are Your Excuses Carrying Your Calling or Is Christ? (audio mp3)

  • 20 page guidebook (Downloadable PDF)

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