as Jenny encourages you to be captivated by the Ultimate Creator.

Jenny Randle is a NY, faith-based speaker, AUTHOR AND Emmy-Award WINNING CREATIVE NINJA.

My brain and my heart were stretched all over the place— in the best possible way!
— Hayley Pandolph, Owner of Ministry Assistant Services

Hi! I'm so thankful you stopped by. This page will provide you with an overview of how I might best serve you. Look around and get a glimpse of what you can expect when we’re together. 

 I desire to show God's love through my words, actions and stuff I make, and would be honored to partner with you in that. I'm available to speak at women's gatherings, youth retreats, worship arts and creative conferences, and churches. Thank you for considering me for your event. 

Jenny Randle has the best presentation I’ve seen on creativity. This woman will push you forward! If you want to get inspired and move with the spirit of God and whatever God is calling you to do, this is the person that will get you to the next level.
— Shawn Greene, Executive Director of Great Lakes Christian Film Festival


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Find Your Way Around Failure: The Voice Over Story


Jenny Randle has helped some of the biggest companies and non-profits tell their story. More than 70 films, 60 books, 55 churches and two radio stations have featured Jenny’s media and voice. Most recently, she’s spoken at conferences, schools and film festivals encouraging others to unlock their creativity, identity and purpose.

Jenny has collaborated on billion dollar franchises editing content for major Hollywood studios. In 2009, she was recognized with one of the highest honors in the industry, an Emmy Award. She’s since transitioned to working in the publishing industry as an art director. The company produces books of testimonies for churches around the nation.


Her dedication to helping churches, organizations and individuals be rooted in Christ ignites a culture of creativity. Being a leader in  various roles of ministry for over a decade has equipped her to speak life over her audiences in a compelling way. Her high impact content has empowered people to move beyond their failures in pursuit of purpose. 


Today, Jenny resides in Upstate New York with her logical, risk-taking husband and dance-party-crazed preschoolers. She is also attempting to bring back the “high five” and con her kids into eating an occasional veggie — the hardest task of all.


I speak on a variety of topics including leadership, creativity, identity, purpose, and more. I would love to visit with you to learn more about your conference or organization and how we can best work together to accomplish your goals.

Additional talks are always available per your request. Check out some "Hot Topics" below.


What are you chasing? Preschoolers, the stock market, or that perfect instagram-worthy moment? You can stand under the stars and still miss their twinkle.  Stop trying to keep up at an unattainable pace, and learn to rest in the grace of Jesus.

  • Instead of embracing the culture of "go-go-go", you'll be challenged to be sloooooow (for just a moment).
  • Ditch the performance mentality and learn to walk in grace.
  • Great for mom's groups, women's retreats and events. 

Whether your creativity has been inactive, high-functioning or somewhere in between, with these tools, you will be able to harness the creativity God planted in your heart and reach others with the Gospel. 

  • You’ll learn six steps to unleash your creativity
  • Hear secrets from some experts in their fields who have shaped the entertainment industry
  • For conference or break out sessions desiring for creativity and Christianity to collide. 

Who or what are you letting label you? Whether we care to realize it or not, labels create our identity. They can come from ourselves, the world or God. 

  • Walk in freedom as you ditch those negative world or self imposed labels
  • Learn the five steps to unstick and have an identity rooted in Christ
  • For general audiences desiring faith-based material 

A version of "Label Maker" is also available for school assemblies and broader audiences.


God calls us to love and encourage others. Although, it's not always as easy as it sounds. Can we still do that when we feel like a hot mess ourselves?

  • Move from fear leading to cheerleading
  • Discover Biblical acts of boldness that created opportunities for God to do the miraculous.
  • For general audiences desiring faith-based material

Creativity is like a muscle. It must be challenged, stretched and pushed past its comfort zone. This is a workshop that takes place over 31 consecutive days in a private online community. We will have daily prompts with fun activities designed for anyone who wants to be intentional about breaking out of the box.  

  • Industry Experts will be featured giving advice into their creative process. Experts are Hollywood writers & producers, worship leaders, authors, documentary photographers etc. who will stretch you to the next level in your creativity. 
  • This workshop is great for church staff or creative teams. All levels and abilities are welcomed. Get ready to stretch your creative muscles and encourage others along the way. 


These breakout sessions guide you in how to leverage social media, create effective lead magnets, build opt-in pages, and how to generate traffic to your website. It's a marketing class to assist you in building "your brand", online presence and to further spread the message God has placed on your heart. 

    • Marketing Boot Camp: How to Spread Your God-Given Message 
    1. Your Brand & Social Media
    2. Effective Lead-Gen and Opt-In Content
    3. Facebook Ads
    • How to Create Social Media Graphics


    I would recommend this Label Maker class to a friend because no one should live with a distorted sense of self. It met my expectations because it was practical and biblical.
    — Chris Craft, Author & Entrepreneur
    Jenny is amazing! From the slide show graphics (and fonts!) to her funny relatable stories, she was an inspiration and has helped me tap into my creativity. With my business, I’m always looking for inspiration so that I can use the gift I’ve been given to serve others. She helped me break down my creative process but also to remember to have fun with it!
    — Megan Blazovic, Collyde Conference Attendee
    Thank you, Jenny, for inspiring a group to get out of their daily activities and process and into something new, fresh, and mind-stretching!
    — Lindsey Maxon, HR Professional, Church Event Director, and Font Enthusiast
    Jenny has been a great inspiration for me. Her class at WFX really impacted my life. She is so talented, full of energy and passion for the Lord. I would love to attend one of her seminars again!!
    — Mayra Orantes (Photographer & Church Volunteer)
    Loved 31 Day Create and had a great time. Taking moments to be conscientiously creative during the day was a great way to rev the engine of creativity and stretch muscles seldom used. I recommend it highly.
    — Jeremy Adams, Writer
    This was the most relevant best session yet!
    — WFX Conference Attendee
    I loved 31daycreate. It was awesome to see each other peoples work, to be inspired and to learn and share with each other. It was fun to stretch myself to try different artistic expressions with a friendly community.
    — Karen Edmondson, Photographer