Watch this segment about how we can strengthen our creative process. Take a faith-based journey through creativity today! 

Looking for the list of 31 Creative Challenges that go with the segment? Download them here.

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Here I was featured on Bridge Street, a live TV show for the Central New York region. Watch the segment on how we can turn that One Big Dream into tasks that we can manage and handle.


Looking for the productivity cheat sheets that go with the segment? Download them here.

In our boldness, God will do the miraculous.

That awkward moment at the gym when I felt like God asked me to go encourage a stranger. Did I run away, obey or look cray-cray? How do you respond when you feel like you are supposed to encourage others?? Comment below. (This talk was given during the #shespeaks16 coaching sessions. Full-length speech available for church events, women's retreats + more.)

Posted by Jenny Randle on Monday, July 25, 2016
3 Key Elements to Chase Those God Given Dreams

You are uniquely made and have some awesome goals and dreams you are equipped to chase! Here's some encouragement to help you do that.

Posted by Jenny Randle on Wednesday, June 29, 2016

How to make a prayer notebook PLUS freebie!

Being intentional in prayer can be hard. Trust me, I get it. Your busy, have little kids, ain't got time for that. So, I'll make it easier for you - Watch this video to see how you can make a prayer notebook to help you stay focused on the things that matter. Sign up for the FREE prayer notebook printable and resources here >

Posted by Jenny Randle on Wednesday, July 6, 2016