How God Spoke At a Crosswalk

I went for a worship walk tonight.

Basically, that just means I listen to worship music and pray while I walk around town. It’s my newest fav thing to unwind and connect with God.

On my walk I came to a crosswalk that made my steps pause in an effort not to illegally cross the road. There were no cars in sight and I could have totally bolted across and been fine. I felt awkward standing there because it felt like there really was no reason to stand still.

I started to grab my phone to preoccupy my boring moment and the Lord totally called me out.

You know that still small voice of the Lord where conviction follows?!

“Be comfortable in the waiting.”

I was reminded tonight that...


And in an instant I thought of all the orchestrating I tried to do over the last few months.

There were moments where I reached for distractions rather than resting in the stillness.

Or where I’d try to run down the path in front of God because I totally know where we’re headed!

I mean ... I do, right ?!

• Sometimes there’s safety in the waiting.
• Sometimes there’s things moving and shifting to just the right spot (even if it isn’t me)!
• Sometimes there’s clarity in the stillness with moments to enjoy and glorify God.

“Be comfortable in the waiting.”

When we catch the glimpse or vision of the bigger picture over our life ...
maybe it’s wanting a husband,
or the green-light on your show,
a record deal,
that one big dream,
or the desire to be a parent ...

How are we doing in the stand still moments?!

Eventually the light will turn and God says “go”...
But for now... be comfortable in the waiting.

Psalm 130:5 reads “I wait for the Lord, my whole being waits, and in His word I put my hope.”