31 Day Create: Discover and Strengthen Your Creativity

77% of adults feel like they've lost their creativity! Are you one of them? 

Childhood is filled with imagination and exploration that can lead us down a path of creative discovery and wonderment -- but sometimes these defining moments become a distant memory to the everyday hustle of life.

Through vulnerable and humorous storytelling, Emmy-winning video editor Jenny Randle shares her personal struggles and discoveries that will have you living a courageously creative life again.

Whether your creativity has been inactive, high-functioning or somewhere in between, with 31 Day Create, you will be able to rediscover the freedom to create again.

Courageous Creative: A 31-Day Interactive Devotional

You Were Designed to Create

Creativity is a gift from God, and it's inside each of us—including you. Is a message weighing on your heart or stirring in your soul today, but you're wondering how to communicate it?

This 31-day interactive journey will give you the tools and encouragement you need to discover your God-given identity, cultivate your creativity, and express your thoughts. You'll find fun, think-outside-the-box creative challenges that will reignite the spark of imagination and inspiration in your life.

You'll also learn the foundations of creativity, how to overcome the obstacles that keep you from fully expressing yourself, and the secrets to unleashing the creative dynamo in you.

Experience fresh creative and spiritual freedom in this one-of-a-kind activity book.