7 Ways to Spark the Creative Process

I locked myself in my office, with a gallon of coffee and snacks. I was working on ideas for a book cover and I had "killed" 10 concepts already and it felt like nothing was sticking. Can you relate?

Have you ever been stuck working on a project  … and you just can’t get it right? In this article, you will pick up tools to help you spark your creativity. I've been creating "stuff" professionally for over twelve years and this creative process helps me go next-level in my craft. 

1. Invite God in your process. Pray for inspiration and ideas.

  • I know for myself, I often get so laser focused putting the pedal to the metal, that I forget. But when I step back, press in and invite the Holy Spirit to inspire my thoughts, artwork and to work through me ... that's when the magic happens. So step back, and invite God to join you the next time you create.

2. Turn off the internet, hide your phone and other distractions.

  • Deadlines are brewing and you keep wandering the internet and checking instagram. Set some healthy boundaries and set yourself up for success to stay focused.

3. Set the mood.

4. Brainstorm with a mind map.

Give yourself permission to be in the moment. This will help you develop new ideas as your brain makes free associations. 


5. If you get stuck in a rut, change environments.

Go outside or to a cute little coffee shop.

6. Create a mood board via pinterest or sketch things out.

Save things that inspire you and look through them. You might find that "something" that resonates with your project.

7. Allow yourself to “go there" & give yourself permission to fail.

Thomas Edison made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts when inventing the light bulb. Have an out-of-the-box idea? Try it out. Give yourself permission to take risks with your art and give yourself permission to fail ... no matter how many tries.


Creative risk-taking is a must.  Get past the creative funk and go beyond safe ideas. 

What are other ways to spark your creativity? Please share in a comment below.