How Shifting from the BIG LAUNCH Can Strengthen Your Foundation

No biggie, I'm just over here side eyeing the timeline until my book comes out. I was praying over the release of Courageous Creative today and conviction hit me like a ton of bricks.

I was so focused on the BIG DAY on October 2, that I wasn't focused on sustaining the God-given message long term.

God called me out and invited me to shift my eyes towards building a foundation that will out weight just a day.

How often do we do that?!

Maybe for you, you're planning a wedding (which is SUPER exciting) but you aren't building the foundation of a healthy marriage.

Or you’re prepping that adorable nursery, and lost sight of setting the foundation of raising and investing in your tiny human.

Launching a church? Did you forget it's WAY more than just your launch Sunday?

Maybe it looks like releasing a project into the world (👋) and shifting your focus off of the big reveal and onto sustainability.

With my life, my goal is to glorify Christ. So here I am, setting deadlines aside and letting Him pave the way towards foundational-faith-building momentum that doesn't just last a day...

but a lifetime.

What do you think? And what has God been having you side-eye these days?!