Ditch The Hustle and Make Time for the Holy

👋 Wave at me all you freelancers, solo-prenuers, creative entrepreneurs and business owners! I'm cheering you on as you serve your clients today!

5 years into my career I took the plunge into the world of freelance. I worked as a freelance editor, graphic designer, and art director for 9 years. For 5 of those 9, I was a stay-at-home/work-from-home-mom.

The last couple years, Matt and I are in a newer season of running a digital marketing business and leading a ministry called Freedom Creatives where we help creatives find freedom through Christ (🙌)!

I know what tired looks and feels like. 
Perhaps you do too?
Client texts at midnight and baby cries a few hours later.

I'm *learning* to operate and function from a place of rest, produced by intimacy with Christ.

✔️ I broke up with the work all nighters,
✔️ have been turning off my computers on the weekend 
✔️ and decided I HATE the word "hustle". It's up there with scratching nails across a chalkboard.

My prayer for all of us creatives is that Holy Spirit speaks divine wisdom over those business decisions you have to make. May the creative strategies and the projects you are wrapping up or just launching be birthed from a healthy place. May you realize that YOU are a COURAGEOUS CREATIVE fueled by Christ (and perhaps an occasional coffee 😂).

As I wrote Courageous Creative, God reminded me of this often...

The work you do matters.


Ditch the hustle and make time for the Holy.

Happy Creating today,