The Creative Calling On Our Life is in Constant Motion

As a young girl I knew I wanted to be a video editor. If there was a project in school, I always managed to turn it into a video production, casting my friends or family as the lead - you know you guys loved it.

Senior year in high school our lacrosse team went a few hours away to NYC. I had just become a Christian around that same time and one of my first prayers was asking God to use me to make an impact for Him. I remember writing in my notebook after church that I felt like God responded. He said I'd be impacting all forms of media globally.

Blast from the past - when I was senior in High School

Blast from the past - when I was senior in High School


So there I stood, 18 years-old, looking at MTV studios, cementing in my heart that I wanted to make an impact through media.

Off to college I went to study TV! Over the years some of the projects I worked on were local behind the scene jobs, others carried more responsibility. And now here I sit holding my book with words in print.

Seeing this photo again, I remembered what it felt like to carry that promise, vision, and excitement.

It hasn't looked the way I had imagined though. I've battled through depression, doubt, struggled through people pleasing, have gotten my worth through my work... I had to learn to carry job titles loosely because God only knew where He'd orchestrate my steps.

I've come to understand healthy identity.

Am I perfect? No way! But I am secure in the failure and the success because I know who's story I partner with over my life. I know who's love shapes me - and it's Christ, and I aim to glorify Him in all I do.


There have been God moments that have marked that timeline. Celebrate, honor and reflect on those moments. You may not always see the BIG picture, feel comfortable or understand what God is up too. But Christ's guidance is always guaranteed for those who believe in Him.

Care to share a God-moment below that shaped you?? I'd LOVE to hear all about it and celebrate with you!