Why The Language of Listening Is Vital


A few months ago I attended a meeting with leaders in our community.

One person spoke up, passionately communicating a painful situation that needed justice. Through tears this person closed their plea with a quiet shrug and barely a whisper “…. but that’s just my opinion, so do what you want.”

My fist found its way to the table with a loud thud. I was heartbroken over the wishy-washy language that cemented defeat. I wanted to scream “FINISH STRONG!”…. instead I sunk into the oversized chair.


I know I’ve been there more than once… saying disqualifying statements and lacking God-confidence in the mission I was set out to do.

Maybe you’ve felt that way too?

This week I was reviewing my sermon notes getting ready to teach an Online community. My goal was to encourage this crew of healthy creatives to release their uniqueness into the world through the stuff they make.

I asked God if there was anything else He wanted me to share, and then this hit me like a ton of bricks….

In the listening, you learn to roar.

As I battled Katy Perry’s song in my head, I leaned in for more.

Beauty comes from the stillness of reflecting and connecting with Christ. Whether reading the word, prayerfully journaling or waiting on a response - there’s so much power held in the stillness of sacred space.

In the listening, we hear direction.

In the stillness, you lean in a little closer and get to know the Creator.

In the pause and the waiting, His presence begins to bring peace and transformation.

Praises begin to rise in your Spirit as you understand the character of Christ.

As you listen to His voice, you learn about who HE is and who He created YOU to be.

From that place, your identity is formed.

From that place, you get the guts to speak boldly into broken circumstances.

From that place you learn to let your God-confidence SHINE through in all you do.

In the listening, you learn to roar.


Language is developed by listening.

An article from Parenting.com teaches that "language learning begins in the womb.”

In the stillness, safety, and comfort of the womb, the baby learns to develop language.

In the stillness, safety, and comfort of our heavenly father, we develop our language.

From this place Holy Spirit begins to show us a glimpse into the bigger picture of our purpose and how we get to glorify Him in it.

Language of promise, passion, and a desire to pursue holiness. From this place Holy Spirit begins to show us a glimpse into the bigger picture of our purpose and how we get to glorify Him in it. From that sacred space of being still, you learn what it truly means to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

The language of a Believer is formed from listening to God’s voice over your life, community and within your worldview.

Hearing God’s voice gives us breath in our Christianity.

That’s why your voice is a valuable asset to the world. Don’t diminish it, don’t disqualify it. He has given you a voice that carries His promises. Listening to God is vital.

Perhaps He’s calling you to use your voice to encourage your neighbor, boldly fight social justice issues, share divine wisdom in your business, or speak life over your children.

Are you ready to walk boldly like a lion?

It starts in the moments of stillness, lean in and listen.
And when it’s time, He’ll empower you to roar.


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