The #1 Perfect and Magical Moment to Cultivate Your Creativity

The #1 Perfect and Magical Moment to Cultivate Your Creativity

We are always looking for that perfect moment to start stuff


"There's no time to start my side business yet because I gotta watch The Office to learn how NOT to run a business." 

"I can't start that project because I don't have the words to write."

"Oh that song idea? I'll start when I get the new piano I always wanted..."

Have you found yourself spewing some similar sentences?

That Time I Prayed for Life in the Midst of Death


You haven’t truly lived until you've pleaded for God to do the miraculous

over a dying man's life.

You haven’t truly lived until you’ve pleaded for God to do the miraculous over a dying man’s life.

A few weeks ago I got a frantic text, inviting me to lead an invocation that I was originally supposed to lead in July.

Hospice told this man’s daughter that it may be his last drive as the cancer was extremely aggressive.

He pleaded with her to see his tree.

A tree was planted in one of his favorite spots in the community, by an organization where we served together.

This man, who I barely shared a few words with up until this day, made a huge impact on me.

It was a small ceremony with community leaders and his family. His daughter drove up in his convertible. He was too weak to walk so he stayed in the car. We all gathered around him and in unity, held hands.

God empowered me to pray that day. We reminded that man of his legacy, pointed him to the source of life and while there is still breath in his lungs, he wasn’t done.

We asked for God to do the miraculous and to bring healing into his life.

We cried, we celebrated, and we believed.

The prayer ended and the ceremony continued. People let go of one another’s hands but not this man and I. We remained in unity, silently agreeing over the things that were spoken.

The ceremony closed and he privately affirmed my prayer and thanked me. He told me about how special this tree was.

With tears in his eyes this man looked at me and said “always appreciate your kids.”

Minutes later his daughter drove him away and we all cheered with every ounce of power in our lungs.

Everything for the rest of the day felt trivial.

Everything except spending time with my family.

Days later I sat crying with a friend who’s in ministry. How do you process through the reality of life and death?

The answer is simple - keep living.

Keep living a life that carries a legacy far greater than yourself and one that points to the transformational power of Christ.

May we all be inspired by this man’s legacy and be deeply rooted like his tree. May we remain deeply rooted in our community, family and most importantly faith.

I got asked to pray life into a dying man’s bones, but he spoke life into mine. ❤

Pursuing a Biblical Sabbath in a Restless World

This past week across all my social platforms I've been posting about rest. The final series recap is below. #restweek



As I was studying “rest” I came across Bible verses and commentaries that discuss the different types of rest.


Of course there’s rest and relaxation from all the things.

This is the type of rest where you set up healthy boundaries so you don’t settle into the restlessness that our work life can bring. When we think of this rest, it usually involves coffee by a cozy fire, reading on a hammock, or vacations. ;)







There’s also a rest found in salvation.

You can’t earn it or buy it. This rest depends on a rejection or acceptance of the Good News of the Gospel.  It’s a rest where there’s no striving for love ... it’s a gift of love that’s given. This rest is eternal and found in relationship with Christ.


For the Believer there’s an everyday rest found when we look towards Christ.


It’s being lead by His voice (rather than the voice of the world) and walking with intention to settle into the rhythms of rest He has the power to provide.


And the mega-ultimate rest happens when Christ returns.


The more I learned this week, the more awake I became towards acknowledging my weariness and need for Christ to breath rest into my busyness. Busyness in my work schedule and often over-analyzing mind.  I believe this is part of our sanctification process … continually pursuing HIM in the midst of distractions and disturbances.

Christ can guide us in developing habits of Holiness, and this is one I am really leaning into lately.

For all you Creative Ninjas, my final pep-talk is this ….

Rest into Christ. Not so you can get a new idea for your book or video project (although this may be a byproduct). But so you can just spend time developing your relationship with the Ultimate Creator. Understand His nature, how He communicates, who the Bible says He is, the love He brings, the transformational power His presence holds.

Power to rest from worry, anxiousness, shame, guilt …

Power to rest in love, forgiveness, redemption, healing and wholeness.  

And if He so decides to inspire you in the midst of those magical Jesus moments (oh, and I’m sure He will) … you’ll be fueled to walk in obedience, glorify Him and be used to let His light shine.

Living by faith is found resting in Christ.

If you walked through the #restweek series with us, comment below with your biggest takeaway!

Day 7:  #restweek